1. 1961 Willys Wagon in Spokane

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I have a 1961 willys wagon. Perfect condition, except for the steering. I was told that it needs a new steering box. It was given to me and I haven't looked in to It much yet. If it does qn anyone tell if chevy or any other makes will interchange or where I an...
  2. cparisf

    Willy's rookie needs help

    I purchased a 61 truck recently and need some help. I'm trying to get the old vacuum wipers working, but can't figure out what the vacuum line from the motor connects too?? Any pictures or answers is greatly appreciated!
  3. 1961 Pickup sees the light of day.

    I recently joined after buying this 61 that was stuffed in a garage. I plan to do a restore to make it a decent driveable truck. Not a show queen. It's a Hurricane 226 that just got running yesterday. Relatively quiet, but running on 5 cylinders with a few having low compession. Rebuilt the...
  4. Newbie to OWF - Looking for a Kingpin bushing reamer for Willys Wagon (61)

    Hey guys, Im hoping on finding some info on where to locate/purchase a kingpin bushing reamer for my 1961 Willys Wagon. Im putting on new suspension and need a kingpin bushing reamer but cant locate one after searching. So I thought I give this forum a try for some help. Any info is appreciated...