1. will.henshall

    Looking for rebuilt/remanufactured Buick 231 V6 (1975/76) engine

    Hi! The engine in my 1956 Willys CJ5 is at the point where I need to swap it out. It's got all kinds of on going problems - oil pump not working, bottom crank worn, oil leak, lifters sticking, piston rings, etc etc, its been a journey of fix one thing and another thing breaks! It's obviously...
  2. willhenshall

    56 Willys CJ5

    Hi everyone I'm Will Henshall, proud recent new custodian/owner of a bright red 1956 Willys CJ5 that gets a lot of smiles and thumbs up where ever we go! It's got a Buick 231 V6, disk brakes all round (from a 70s Corvette), lifted 3", and it's got 35" tires. I've been a vintage vehicle nut...
  3. 1956 Wagon ?'s- Color schemes and dash

    Hello, I'm a new 1956 Willys Owner as of yesterday after looking off and on for the right one for the past 20 years. Pics to come. I plan on doing a full, close to original with some tweaks restoration. Questions: 1) Can anyone provide the color scheme options for the 50's (post '54 changes)...