1. 54Jester

    Intro post

    Morning all, my name is Tom and I am currently starting a restoration on a 54 Willys Pickup. I picked it up about 3 months ago and going to start tear down in another couple of weeks. PLANNING on keeping it as original as possible. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I am normally a...
  2. Keeping it in the family: Restoring Grandpa's 54' CJ3B

    Hello everyone, I'm Grayson and hail from the small town of Collettsville, North Carolina. I'm currently completing vet school at NC State University in Raleigh. I was inspired by a retired faculty member to restore an old SUV after he let me take his old Toyota Land Cruiser for a spin. I...
  3. nv3500 paired with a dana 18 ???

    what do i need to get the nv3500 on my 4.3 to pair with the dana 18 in my 54 wagon?