1. CDT603

    1950 or 1951?

    Hello fellow forum members! I’m new to the group and wanted to reach out to see if anyone has a little bit more knowledge than I do on my 1950 (or 51?) Willy’s. My paperwork showed 1951 but I assumed it was just a leftover 1950 that sold in 51 since very few were made that year. I recently...
  2. 1951 Engine Search

    I have been actively searching for an original engine for the 1951 Truck. I was under the impression that the engine was a L 134 Go Devil. Now I'm told that it may have been a F4-134 Hurricane which was an option. Is there any way of knowing? What are the odds that it was one or the other?
  3. New owner of a 1951 truck near Warm Beach, WA. Needs a few things.

    Hello there, I found a restorable 1951 Willys truck in Adam's Oregon. It is pretty solid and comes with most everything. It has a six in it but it seems like that will work for now. I am told that the engine ran and that it comes with a rear pto. The transmission is laying in the back and I'm...
  4. surftahoe

    New w 51 Willys Station Wagon

    Hello, I've got a 51 Willys 4 Wheel Drive Station Wagon. Glad to be a part of a forum dedicated to these awesome machines! My Willys is operating but not fully functions at this point by any means and I'll be looking for advice. Looking forward to starting this project and you all being a part...
  5. 51 Willys

    1951 Emergency Brake HELP!!! Anyone???

    Hello, I am working on getting my 1951 Wagon emergency brake working. Last thing to make it 100%! All I have is a hand brake lever/housing, pivot arm attached to mid cross member and the two rear brake cables attached. I know I can order a front cable for the handle so that part is easy. What...