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Thread: Power Washer Rust Removing

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    Power Washer Rust Removing

    Anybody try removing rust with their power washer? I think I read somewhere someone had & with good results. I believe the size machine he used was a 3500 psi unit. I have a 22, or 2300 psi unit and was wondering if that had the psi to do the job. Any ideas? Or any ideas on this type of approach to rust removal?

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    Re: Power Washer Rust Removing

    An interesting idea but I find it hard to believe. I can see a power washer removing mud, crud and flaking rust scale, but not getting to clean metal with just water. Seems like you'd need a bunch of pressure and some nasty caustic chemical to actually remove rust. Then you would need some sort of giant hair dryer to immediately dry the cleaned area or surface rust would show up in a heart beat.

    If you find more info, let us know.

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    Re: Power Washer Rust Removing

    I've heard of people using their power washer, but after they've treated the rust with vinegar to loosen it. Then the metal must be treated with phosphoric acid as an inhibitor. Then it's ready to prime.
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    Re: Power Washer Rust Removing

    Used an industrial one to re-etch concrete.

    If its powerful enought to take off rust how bad will it mess up the sheet metal.

    I would do it on the frame in a heart beat but not the body.

    But that just my 2 so take it for what its worth.
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    Re: Power Washer Rust Removing

    There is a sandblasting attachment for a power washer,that supposedly works quite well. Never used one but have read about guys who have. Nortern Tools sells one.

    Here it is
    NorthStar High-Pressure Abrasive Blasting Kit Handles up to 3500 PSI

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    Here is a video connetion:

    You still have to use a silica blast medium, which in this process will disappear into the ground. I can imagine the mess it would make over concrete.
    And it still looks to be a very slow process. It says no body parts.
    You might be surprised at how little it costs to have someone do it with a large machine. I had a quote to sandblast my Willys frame and powder coat it: $350
    You have to check with businesses out side of the auto sandblasting. Awning or Furniture COs. Auto people think because we have an old car we are rich.
    There are people who sandblast & paint Dozers right in the field who will do it cheaper than some businesses.
    A lot of paints nowadays are made to be used right over rust { not loose scale}. Here is one from Sherwin-Willams Auto Paints & it's 1 stage

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    I can't even imagine hauling out my power washer and trying to get rust off. Especially some of the stuff I've had to deal with on my wagon. This however:
    works great, and is pretty cheap.


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