Brake lines and fuel lines all done.
Master cylinder installed and blead the brakes.
We actually drove it down the road yesterday! Yea it was slightly scary.. The 50 year old tires never get round and we have some other unnerving vibrations going on. It could be the driveshaft that spins line a banana. I adjusted the brakes and we need to bleed them again as well. I will also probably throw some more steel at it here and there underneath as well.

IMG_4514 by Rick Jones, on Flickr
IMG_4515 by Rick Jones, on Flickr
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IMG_4517 by Rick Jones, on Flickr

I scored a bumper fro my Jeep Pickup last week end. Amazing what a can of oven cleaner from the Dollar Store will do to clean up surface rust. Some guys use steel wool but, I never liked that idea.
IMG_4519 by Rick Jones, on Flickr