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Thread: Moab 2017 Info thread

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    We Agree! 2 days in Moab UTah is not enough. The organizers of the event have always made it a week long trip. (9 days for me this year!) The tough part is keeping a large group happy for a long period of time. There are so many things to do in moab, and our group is getting more diverse. Different people possess different abilities and desires. Not everyone has the stomach for tough off road trails or potential body damage, Some want to look at holes in rocks and dinosaur tracks, some want to hike, some want easy back country dirt roads, or paved scenic loops.... In addition, there are liability and insurance issues (costs) and other permit fees involved with off roading as an organized group. Many of us have gotten together as friends and hit tougher trails in the past, but those interested are only a small number.

    We will absolutely listen to any suggestions you all have for adding additional features to our event. Making it bigger badder better is what keeps me coming back. We always want to improve this event! Our goal is to keep our value and fun factor maxed out, while applying to the largest group of fun Willys fans as possible.

    Don't forget about our pre event camping trip and post event gathering for next year. Since this was not actually part of the event, you will need to call me for more info. My # is in every single blast email I send out.

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    Please come join us for the 8th annual Willys Moab Rally. Subscribe to email (copy paste to browser) :

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