Radio, model 604

Bob's radio and TV did an upgrade on my radio, it is now AM/FM stereo and has inputs for a CD changer.

The old tone button now toggles between AM/FM/CD.  Notice the small LED indicator on the face, this lets you know what mode is on.
Inside the case is a mix of old and new.  It is now a four channel stereo system (17 watts per speaker).  Bob's also cleaned and painted the case to look like new.
radio radio

All of the new controls are now on the right side out of sight, so the unit will look original aside from the LED on the face.  The original preset buttons still work too.

Tail lamp lenses,
lenses I've also added bluedots to these lenses since these pics were taken.

set of 4

Curb L Arms

I couldn't resist these babies!

curb alarms And they work very well.  They ring through the car when the touch the curb, no more scuffed tires.

Mopar NOS accessory electric locking gas cap.  Had to have it when I saw it on e-bay.  I decided I didn't like the idea of electricity and fuel together, and have since sold the cap.  It was very bulky on the car too, which I didn't like.
electric gas cap gas cap instructions
Insructions for the cap, in case you need them.
This hood trim was given to me by Bill Ward of www.oldplymouths.com
Thanks Bill!
hood trim

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